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Games Released in February '05

Flashbang's own Beesly's Buzzwords is released to additional websites. The game originally launched in the fall of 2004. It's still fun today! If you like word games you should definitely give it a download.

Another surprise from this month was Cosmic Bugs. Despite the space theme, players had a lot of fun with it and it did pretty well. Just goes to show that sometimes going against the assumed norm can work out! Retro64 eventually followed up with Water Bugs, which was essentially the same game with a new art treatment.

This month action games and puzzle games were very popular:

Popular Action Games:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Games Released in February 2005:

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Break Quest
Break Quest Game A new concept breakout to blow your socks off!

Download Break Quest
Feb 1st (Brick Buster Game)

Mad Cars
Mad Cars Game Drive into a futuristic combat race!

Download Mad Cars
Feb 8th (Action Game)

Beesly's Buzzwords
Beesly's Buzzwords Game Spell words; make honey; save the hive!

Download Beesly's Buzzwords
Feb 8th (Word Game)

Cosmic Bugs
Cosmic Bugs Game Modern remake of classics Jezzball and Qix.

Download Cosmic Bugs
Feb 9th (Action Game)

Deep Sea Adventures
Deep Sea Adventures Game An undersea adventure for the whole family.

Download Deep Sea Adventures
Feb 12th (Platformer Game)

Xeno Assault II
Xeno Assault II Game Blast aliens and save the universe!

Download Xeno Assault II
Feb 14th (Shooter Game)

Astrobatics Game Become a space war hero!

Download Astrobatics
Feb 14th (Shooter Game)

Barnyard Invasion
Barnyard Invasion Game Save farm animals and take them on vacation!

Download Barnyard Invasion
Feb 14th (Match-3 Game)

Break Ball 2 Gold
Break Ball 2 Gold Game The fastest and most feature-dense breakout game ever!

Download Break Ball 2 Gold
Feb 22nd (Brick Buster Game)

Digi Pool
Digi Pool Game A cross between billiards and mini golf.

Download Digi Pool
Feb 22nd (Action Game)

Funny Faces
Funny Faces Game Entertaining click n' pop action!

Download Funny Faces
Feb 22nd (Match-3 Game)

Passage 3
Passage 3 Game Simple yet addictive puzzle game.

Download Passage 3
Feb 22nd (Puzzle Game)

Spongebob Collapse
Spongebob Collapse Game Like watching SpongeBob SquarePants and playing Super Collapse! at the same time!

Download Spongebob Collapse
Feb 22nd (Match-3 Game)

Turtle Odyssey
Turtle Odyssey Game Help a brave turtle get his shell back!

Download Turtle Odyssey
Feb 22nd (Platformer Game)

Bricks of Camelot
Bricks of Camelot Game Brick-breaking adventures throughout Camelot

Download Bricks of Camelot
Feb 27th (Brick Buster Game)

Jets N Guns
Jets N Guns Game Classic blasting action shooter in a full metal jacket.

Download Jets N Guns
Feb 27th (Shooter Game)

Super Bounce Out
Super Bounce Out Game High-energy puzzle game with bounce!

Download Super Bounce Out
Feb 27th (Match-3 Game)

Asianata Game Create ball combinations with an oriental twist!

Download Asianata
Feb 28th (Match-3 Game)

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