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Games Released in March '05

The mega-hit game inspired by Zuma Deluxe hits market. This game, Luxor, turns out to be a huge success. Players absolutely love downloading it; they can't get enough. The Luxor franchise continues on for some time after this.

Another big surprise from March is Slingo Deluxe. Despite the apparent simplicity of the game it does extremely well. Observers even seem a little confused by its success. But fun is fun!

Flashbang's own Glow Worm is released. The game goes on to enter the Independent Games Festival as a finalist in audio and art. It's a beautiful game. Make sure you download it if you haven't already!

This month puzzle games and action games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Action Games:

Games Released in March 2005:

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Chessmaster Challenge
Chessmaster Challenge Game Are you a true chessmaster?

Download Chessmaster Challenge
Mar 3rd (Brain Teaser Game)

Slingo Deluxe
Slingo Deluxe Game A unique combo of Bingo and Slots.

Download Slingo Deluxe
Mar 4th (Card Game)

ABC Island
ABC Island Game Find hidden ABC treasures on a pirates's island.

Download ABC Island
Mar 4th (Word Game)

MachineHell Game Search and destroy all the alien machines and reclaim Earth!

Download MachineHell
Mar 4th (Shooter Game)

Air Strike II: Gulf Thunder
Air Strike II: Gulf Thunder Game Addicting 3D fly-n-kill helicopter combat dangerously packed with enemies.

Download Air Strike II: Gulf Thunder
Mar 5th (Shooter Game)

Mind Machine
Mind Machine Game Wacky challenges that are like Vitamin M for your mind.

Download Mind Machine
Mar 5th (Puzzle Game)

Zero Count
Zero Count Game Challenging gameplay makes this a must for puzzle fans!

Download Zero Count
Mar 10th (Puzzle Game)

Paradoxion Game An advanced logic game with a unique concept!

Download Paradoxion
Mar 14th (Strategy Game)

Zzed Game Addictive puzzler-shooter with a space twist.

Download Zzed
Mar 16th (Marble Popper Game)

Mutant Storm
Mutant Storm Game Mutant Storm is for gamers who want pure action!

Download Mutant Storm
Mar 21st (Shooter Game)

Mahjong Mania Deluxe
Mahjong Mania Deluxe Game Mahjong with all the bells & whistles!

Download Mahjong Mania Deluxe
Mar 22nd (Mahjong Game)

Warkanoid 2
Warkanoid 2 Game Smash the bricks to complete wildlife-themed arcade levels.

Download Warkanoid 2
Mar 22nd (Brick Buster Game)

Bombard Deluxe
Bombard Deluxe Game An explosive new puzzle game!

Download Bombard Deluxe
Mar 24th (Puzzle Game)

5 Card Slingo
5 Card Slingo Game Play 5 Card Slingo today and get lucky!

Download 5 Card Slingo
Mar 28th (Card Game)

Coffee Tycoon
Coffee Tycoon Game Gives sim games a jolt of caffeine!

Download Coffee Tycoon
Mar 28th (Tycoon Game)

Luxor Game As addictive as it is exciting.

Download Luxor
Mar 30th (Marble Popper Game)

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