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Games Released in October '05

October turns out to be a busy month for game download fans! Gem Shop by HipSoft does very well on the charts, with players enjoying the gameplay. It plays a lot like Chuzzle Deluxe, but with the addition of a store system. You can't go wrong with diamonds!

Another game with a similar style of gameplay is released: Fairies by Fun Pause. It's another game a lot like Chuzzle, but this time with a much darker fantasy theme. Fun Pause is later purchased by Big Fish Games to become their European development studio.

This month puzzle games and action games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Action Games:

Games Released in October 2005:

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Totem Treasure
Totem Treasure Game Now you can take your casino anywhere!

Download Totem Treasure
Oct 1st (Card Game)

Fireworks Extravaganza
Fireworks Extravaganza Game A beautiful and explosive puzzler.

Download Fireworks Extravaganza
Oct 1st (Inlay Game)

Tanks Evolution
Tanks Evolution Game Step into the boots of Tank Commander in this war-based shooter!

Download Tanks Evolution
Oct 3rd (Shooter Game)

Gem Shop
Gem Shop Game Match gems to keep your customers happy!

Download Gem Shop
Oct 4th (Match-3 Game)

Memory Loops
Memory Loops Game Test your memory skills with this addictive concentration-style game!

Download Memory Loops
Oct 4th (Brain Teaser Game)

Rocket Mania Deluxe
Rocket Mania Deluxe Game Light up the sky with this stunning pyrotechnic puzzler!

Download Rocket Mania Deluxe
Oct 4th (Action Game)

Beetle Bomp
Beetle Bomp Game Electricity eating Beetles on the loose!

Download Beetle Bomp
Oct 10th (Marble Popper Game)

Water Bugs
Water Bugs Game Can you trap them all?

Download Water Bugs
Oct 11th (Action Game)

Froggy Castle 2
Froggy Castle 2 Game Help hamsters Pit and Patty defeat the dreaded frogs!

Download Froggy Castle 2
Oct 11th (Action Game)

Rotate Mania Deluxe
Rotate Mania Deluxe Game Rotate your brain diagonally with this unique puzzler!

Download Rotate Mania Deluxe
Oct 11th (Puzzle Game)

Fortune Tiles Gold
Fortune Tiles Gold Game Tile Swaping Excitement!

Download Fortune Tiles Gold
Oct 17th (Match-3 Game)

Aloha Tripeaks
Aloha Tripeaks Game Take a balloon ride over the Hawaiian Islands with this card classic!

Download Aloha Tripeaks
Oct 18th (Card Game)

Brixquest Game Begin your quest for treasures lost in this brick-matching puzzler!

Download Brixquest
Oct 18th (Puzzle Game)

Off Road Arena
Off Road Arena Game This is one awesome off-road racer that's just plain fun to drive!

Download Off Road Arena
Oct 18th (Action Game)

Thomas And The Magical Words
Thomas And The Magical Words Game Help Thomas in his magical adventure by making crosswords!

Download Thomas And The Magical Words
Oct 22nd (Word Game)

Zoo Vet
Zoo Vet Game Go to the zoo!

Download Zoo Vet
Oct 23rd (Puzzle Game)

Hamsterball Game It's Rowdy Rolling Rodent Racing!

Download Hamsterball
Oct 23rd (Action Game)

Reader's Digest Super Word Power
Reader's Digest Super Word Power Game One of the world's most popular lexical challenges on your desktop!

Download Reader's Digest Super Word Power
Oct 24th (Puzzle Game)

Carl The Caveman
Carl The Caveman Game Help Carl solve puzzles and collect riches in this logical puzzler!

Download Carl The Caveman
Oct 25th (Platformer Game)

Fairies Game A breathtakingly beautiful puzzler!

Download Fairies
Oct 29th (Match-3 Game)

Granny in Paradise
Granny in Paradise Game Help Granny rescue her kittens.

Download Granny in Paradise
Oct 30th (Platformer Game)

Asea Game Match lily pads to clear your path on your high seas journey!

Download Asea
Oct 31st (Puzzle Game)

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