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Games Released in August '06

Wow, what another great summer month for download games! We're cooking in the Phoenix heat at the Flashbang offices. What better way to take our mind off the searing pain than to download a new game?

The Nancy Drew franchises kicks off with a great adventure game, Nancy Drew - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Everyone remembers the great books, and now there are great games to go along with them! Expect more from this wonderful series!

Diner games continue to be popular, with Delicious Deluxe topping the charts. Great artwork and some cool and kooky characters make it a fun download!

This month puzzle games and match-3 games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Match-3 Games:

Games Released in August 2006:

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Penguin versus Yeti
Penguin versus Yeti Game Help this brave penguin stop the evil yetis!

Download Penguin versus Yeti
Aug 1st (Platformer Game)

Galapago Game Collect beautiful creatures.

Download Galapago
Aug 3rd (Match-3 Game)

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers Game One for all and all for one!

Download The Three Musketeers
Aug 4th (Action Game)

Scarabs of Pharaoh
Scarabs of Pharaoh Game Ancient puzzle fun awaits!

Download Scarabs of Pharaoh
Aug 5th (Match-3 Game)

Bounty Special Edition
Bounty Special Edition Game An original puzzle adventure!

Download Bounty Special Edition
Aug 6th (Puzzle Game)

ArkLight Game Fly a spaceship!

Download ArkLight
Aug 7th (Action Game)

Runic Game Break down the walls!

Download Runic
Aug 8th (Brick Buster Game)

Super Cooper Revenge
Super Cooper Revenge Game Super Cooper is back with hours of fun adventures!

Download Super Cooper Revenge
Aug 8th (Action Game)

Nancy Drew - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
Nancy Drew - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Game Strange things are afoot on this train.

Download Nancy Drew - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
Aug 10th (Mystery Game)

Jurassic Realm
Jurassic Realm Game Visit prehistoric times.

Download Jurassic Realm
Aug 11th (Match-3 Game)

Cosmo Lines
Cosmo Lines Game Visit mysterious worlds.

Download Cosmo Lines
Aug 12th (Match-3 Game)

Flower Quest
Flower Quest Game Let your love for puzzles bloom!

Download Flower Quest
Aug 13th (Puzzle Game)

Four Houses
Four Houses Game Unlock ancient wisdom!

Download Four Houses
Aug 15th (Puzzle Game)

Delicious Deluxe
Delicious Deluxe Game Help Emily's dreams come true.

Download Delicious Deluxe
Aug 16th (Diner Game)

Luxor Bundle Pack
Luxor Bundle Pack Game Get both Luxor games for one great price!

Download Luxor Bundle Pack
Aug 17th (Marble Popper Game)

Bubble Odyssey
Bubble Odyssey Game A captivating bubble bursting adventure.

Download Bubble Odyssey
Aug 18th (Marble Popper Game)

Poppit! To Go
Poppit! To Go Game This puzzler will really stick to you.

Download Poppit! To Go
Aug 19th (Match-3 Game)

Golden Sub
Golden Sub Game Blast your way to treasure.

Download Golden Sub
Aug 20th (Match-3 Game)

Hexic Deluxe
Hexic Deluxe Game A strategic, mind-boggling puzzler!

Download Hexic Deluxe
Aug 21st (Match-3 Game)

Word Monaco
Word Monaco Game Take a wordy break on a Mediterranean beach.

Download Word Monaco
Aug 22nd (Word Game)

Tropical Puzzle
Tropical Puzzle Game Take a tropical break.

Download Tropical Puzzle
Aug 23rd (Match-3 Game)

Atlantis - Sky Patrol
Atlantis - Sky Patrol Game A frenzied marble-popping puzzler.

Download Atlantis - Sky Patrol
Aug 23rd (Marble Popper Game)

Treasure Pyramid
Treasure Pyramid Game Puzzle through Egypt for treasure!

Download Treasure Pyramid
Aug 24th (Match-3 Game)

Devastation Zone Troopers
Devastation Zone Troopers Game Fight hordes of hostile enemies in this awesome 3D shooter!

Download Devastation Zone Troopers
Aug 24th (Shooter Game)

Aqua Pearls
Aqua Pearls Game Find all pearls and restore peace to the ocean world!

Download Aqua Pearls
Aug 25th (Marble Popper Game)

Meteor Game Take aim and break bricks!

Download Meteor
Aug 27th (Shooter Game)

Pantheon Game Embark on an amazing journey.

Download Pantheon
Aug 30th (Match-3 Game)

Sewer Run
Sewer Run Game Bring your mountain board and ride the wildest open sewer runs ever!

Download Sewer Run
Aug 30th (Action Game)

Mysteries of Horus
Mysteries of Horus Game Appease the gods of Ancient Egypt.

Download Mysteries of Horus
Aug 31st (Puzzle Game)

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