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Games Released in November '06

A new Slingo game is out, and everyone seems to be completely addicted to it. Slingo Quest takes the great formula of Slingo and adds all kinds of polish to it. It's a great download with solid art, music, and general fun. Whee!

Sandlot Games has a new title, Westward, that introduces a lot of concepts to the download game market. People who play store-bought video games are probably familiar with some of the gameplay, but it's completely new for people who get all their games by downloading them. We hope they make a sequel with Westward 2. That would be awesome!

A great new brick-breaking game is out this month: LEGO Bricktopia by Large Animal Games. Who knew LEGOs could be so psychedelic? This game is a blast to watch, and even more fun to download and play for yourself!

This month puzzle games and action games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Action Games:

Games Released in November 2006:

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The Poppit! Show
The Poppit! Show Game Hilarious balloon popping puzzler!

Download The Poppit! Show
Nov 1st (Match-3 Game)

Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island
Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island Game Relax on a Secret Island, with just your cards.

Download Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island
Nov 2nd (Hidden Object Game)

Newspaper Puzzle Challenge - Sudoku Edition
Newspaper Puzzle Challenge - Sudoku Edition Game Put your brain to sudoku test.

Download Newspaper Puzzle Challenge - Sudoku Edition
Nov 3rd (Brain Teaser Game)

Travelogue 360 Paris
Travelogue 360 Paris Game Travel to paris in gorgeous surround graphics!

Download Travelogue 360 Paris
Nov 4th (Hidden Object Game)

LEGO Bricktopia
LEGO Bricktopia Game Bust blocks and stack bricks!

Download LEGO Bricktopia
Nov 5th (Brick Buster Game)

Empires & Dungeons
Empires & Dungeons Game Wage war!

Download Empires & Dungeons
Nov 6th (Action Game)

Haiku Journey
Haiku Journey Game Puzzling haikus for you.

Download Haiku Journey
Nov 7th (Word Game)

Astral Masters
Astral Masters Game Cast spells and summon creatures.

Download Astral Masters
Nov 8th (Action Game)

Slingo Quest
Slingo Quest Game Slot-bingo fun taken to quest-worthy levels!

Download Slingo Quest
Nov 9th (Card Game)

Astro Fury
Astro Fury Game Cleanse the cosmos of evil today!

Download Astro Fury
Nov 9th (Shooter Game)

MegaBounce 2
MegaBounce 2 Game Bounce around and bust up some bricks!

Download MegaBounce 2
Nov 10th (Brick Buster Game)

SpongeBob SquarePants Bubble Rush!
SpongeBob SquarePants Bubble Rush! Game Bubble bursting, SpongeBob style!

Download SpongeBob SquarePants Bubble Rush!
Nov 11th (Marble Popper Game)

Great Escapes Solitaire Collection
Great Escapes Solitaire Collection Game A dozen kinds of fun!

Download Great Escapes Solitaire Collection
Nov 12th (Solitare Game)

Boorp's Balls
Boorp's Balls Game Keep 'em off the ground!

Download Boorp's Balls
Nov 12th (Puzzle Game)

War Chess
War Chess Game Checkmate!

Download War Chess
Nov 13th (Strategy Game)

Zen Puzzle Garden
Zen Puzzle Garden Game Design and navigate Japanese rock gardens in this strategic puzzler!

Download Zen Puzzle Garden
Nov 13th (Brain Teaser Game)

Word Krispies
Word Krispies Game Play with your food!

Download Word Krispies
Nov 14th (Word Game)

Family Feud Holiday Edition
Family Feud Holiday Edition Game Guess your way to the prize money!

Download Family Feud Holiday Edition
Nov 15th (Word Game)

Dyno Kid
Dyno Kid Game The Diamond of Destiny awaits!

Download Dyno Kid
Nov 15th (Puzzle Game)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Game Free the munchkins!

Download The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Nov 16th (Match-3 Game)

Kudos Game Run your life the way you want to.

Download Kudos
Nov 17th (Strategy Game)

Nancy Drew - Secret Of The Old Clock
Nancy Drew - Secret Of The Old Clock Game The year is 1930, and there's a mystery!

Download Nancy Drew - Secret Of The Old Clock
Nov 18th (Mystery Game)

Pile & Pop
Pile & Pop Game Bring your strategy.

Download Pile & Pop
Nov 19th (Match-3 Game)

Fruit Fall Deluxe Edition
Fruit Fall Deluxe Edition Game A fruit-tastic puzzle game!

Download Fruit Fall Deluxe Edition
Nov 20th (Match-3 Game)

Guardian Game Protect, destroy and evacuate in this awesome arcade shooter!

Download Guardian
Nov 20th (Shooter Game)

Gift Shop
Gift Shop Game Sell fabulous gifts!

Download Gift Shop
Nov 21st (Match-3 Game)

Hoyle Miami Solitaire
Hoyle Miami Solitaire Game Endless hours of card-flipping fun!

Download Hoyle Miami Solitaire
Nov 22nd (Solitare Game)

Jumba Game Puzzling strategies required!

Download Jumba
Nov 23rd (Puzzle Game)

Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession
Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession Game Collect evidence and make the case.

Download Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession
Nov 24th (Mystery Game)

Kitty Luv
Kitty Luv Game Raise your own little kitten right on your computer with Kitty Luv, the perfect pet!

Download Kitty Luv
Nov 24th (Critter Game)

Fizzball Game Professor Fizzlewizzle returns!

Download Fizzball
Nov 25th (Brick Buster Game)

Family Feud Online Party™
Family Feud Online Party™ Game It's that time again...Family Feud time!

Download Family Feud Online Party™
Nov 26th (Puzzle Game)

Angkor Game Relive an ancient legend!

Download Angkor
Nov 26th (Match-3 Game)

SiL Game Shapes defined by silhouettes.

Download SiL
Nov 27th (Puzzle Game)

Pipeline Game Build elaborate pipelines in a race to stay one step ahead of the water!

Download Pipeline
Nov 28th (Puzzle Game)

DNA Game Create colorful cells!

Download DNA
Nov 28th (Puzzle Game)

Westward Game Build a city in the old West.

Download Westward
Nov 29th (Action Game)

Blue Reef Sudoku
Blue Reef Sudoku Game Sudoku with an underwater twist!

Download Blue Reef Sudoku
Nov 30th (Sudoku Game)

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