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Games Released in September '06

There are a lot of games this month! We better get started:

A lot of the classic genres are represented this month. Ciao Bella is a surprise hit. It took the charts by storm with its gorgeous graphics and great, stylized gameplay. If you haven't download it yet, hop to it! You'll be glad you did!

Everyone's talking about the new Retro64 game, Bugatron Worlds. Blast pesky bugs in this addictive action game. PlayFirst publishers a bubble-popper matching game, Sweetopia, that has a lot of really cool features. Plus, it was made by a single person. Impressive!

This month puzzle games and action games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Action Games:

Games Released in September 2006:

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Luck Charm Deluxe
Luck Charm Deluxe Game Get the gold!

Download Luck Charm Deluxe
Sep 1st (Puzzle Game)

Dream Vacation Solitaire
Dream Vacation Solitaire Game More than 30 solitaire variations!

Download Dream Vacation Solitaire
Sep 2nd (Solitare Game)

Jewel Match
Jewel Match Game Can you make a perfect match?

Download Jewel Match
Sep 3rd (Match-3 Game)

Ciao Bella
Ciao Bella Game What choices will YOU make?

Download Ciao Bella
Sep 4th (Mystery Game)

Bugatron Worlds
Bugatron Worlds Game Zap those crazy space bugs in this zany little shooter!

Download Bugatron Worlds
Sep 4th (Shooter Game)

Sweetopia Game Get a sugar rush!

Download Sweetopia
Sep 5th (Marble Popper Game)

Animal Empire
Animal Empire Game Have a roaring good time with the creatures in Animal Empire!

Download Animal Empire
Sep 5th (Kids Game)

Boggle Supreme
Boggle Supreme Game Link up the letters in this supreme Boggle challenge!

Download Boggle Supreme
Sep 6th (Word Game)

Eets Game Help Eets!

Download Eets
Sep 7th (Action Game)

Project Xenoclone
Project Xenoclone Game Uncover the secret of Project Xenoclone!

Download Project Xenoclone
Sep 7th (Shooter Game)

Runed Game Puzzle games evolve.

Download Runed
Sep 8th (Puzzle Game)

TalisMania Deluxe
TalisMania Deluxe Game Break the golden curse!

Download TalisMania Deluxe
Sep 9th (Puzzle Game)

Ancient Tripeaks II
Ancient Tripeaks II Game Get lost in Greece.

Download Ancient Tripeaks II
Sep 10th (Card Game)

Harvest Mania To Go
Harvest Mania To Go Game

Download Harvest Mania To Go
Sep 11th (Critter Game)

Toy Golf
Toy Golf Game Golf at home!

Download Toy Golf
Sep 12th (Action Game)

Timeline Game Travel back through time in this matching puzzle experience!

Download Timeline
Sep 12th (Puzzle Game)

Word Whomp To Go
Word Whomp To Go Game Use your words to whomp gophers!

Download Word Whomp To Go
Sep 13th (Word Game)

Treasure Island
Treasure Island Game Yo ho ho an' a fancy match-3 fer ye scurvy dogs!

Download Treasure Island
Sep 13th (Match-3 Game)

Buku Kakuro
Buku Kakuro Game A Kakuro game for all levels of play!

Download Buku Kakuro
Sep 14th (Puzzle Game)

Fruity Garden
Fruity Garden Game Defend your garden!

Download Fruity Garden
Sep 15th (Critter Game)

Mahjongg Artifacts
Mahjongg Artifacts Game Dazzling tiles!

Download Mahjongg Artifacts
Sep 16th (Mahjong Game)

Lotus Game Escape to a whirling world!

Download Lotus
Sep 17th (Marble Popper Game)

Bunny Bounce Deluxe
Bunny Bounce Deluxe Game Get hopping!

Download Bunny Bounce Deluxe
Sep 18th (Match-3 Game)

Wobbly Bobbly
Wobbly Bobbly Game Save the town from gelatinous doom!

Download Wobbly Bobbly
Sep 19th (Match-3 Game)

Kotori Chicks'n Cats
Kotori Chicks'n Cats Game Help save the adorable baby chicks!

Download Kotori Chicks'n Cats
Sep 20th (Puzzle Game)

Gish Game Life isn't easy when you're a 12-pound ball of tar.

Download Gish
Sep 20th (Action Game)

PacRush Game Get those golden dots!

Download PacRush
Sep 21st (Action Game)

Sea Bounty
Sea Bounty Game Be a pirate!

Download Sea Bounty
Sep 22nd (Puzzle Game)

Tile Quest
Tile Quest Game Match and travel!

Download Tile Quest
Sep 23rd (Inlay Game)

Spin and Play
Spin and Play Game It's a perfect day for the Carnival of Madness!

Download Spin and Play
Sep 24th (Puzzle Game)

Caribbean Treasures
Caribbean Treasures Game A Caribbean matching sensation!

Download Caribbean Treasures
Sep 25th (Match-3 Game)

Sudoku Latin Squares
Sudoku Latin Squares Game It's latin-y sudoku fun!

Download Sudoku Latin Squares
Sep 26th (Brain Teaser Game)

Astariel Game Can you reach Astariel? Blast into fun with this cool retro arcade game!

Download Astariel
Sep 26th (Shooter Game)

Your Pet Hotel
Your Pet Hotel Game Manage your own hotel for pets!

Download Your Pet Hotel
Sep 28th (Critter Game)

Styrateg Game A wise king is in danger.

Download Styrateg
Sep 29th (Puzzle Game)

Brave Piglet
Brave Piglet Game Save little piggies!

Download Brave Piglet
Sep 30th (Platformer Game)

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