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Games Released in January '07

Holy cow! Is it the new year already? It's a new month, too, so it's time for our monthly recap!

Hidden object games are taking off, with a bunch of new titles coming out. Expect the new few months to be full of hidden object goodness! The first of the new games out of the gate is Mysteryville.

A new food-themed game was released and subsequently lit up the charts: Stand O'Food. This great burger-building game satisfies everyone's hunger for download gaming. We couldn't stop playing!

Turtle Odyssey gets a sequel, too. Turtle Odyssey 2 is sure to bring new levels and features to turtle fans everyone. Fans of the first game should download this and get playing, pronto! You'll be glad you did.

This month puzzle games and action games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Action Games:

Games Released in January 2007:

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Age of Japan
Age of Japan Game Align yourself with the Age of Japan.

Download Age of Japan
Jan 1st (Match-3 Game)

Aztec Bricks
Aztec Bricks Game Welcome to the brick-busting world of the Mayans and the Aztecs!

Download Aztec Bricks
Jan 2nd (Brick Buster Game)

Arabesque Game Crash puzzling wooden boxes!

Download Arabesque
Jan 2nd (Puzzle Game)

Treasure of Persia
Treasure of Persia Game Hunt for puzzling Persian treasure!

Download Treasure of Persia
Jan 3rd (Puzzle Game)

Brickquest Game An epic brick-busting quest!

Download Brickquest
Jan 4th (Brick Buster Game)

Teddy Tavern - A Culinary Adventure
Teddy Tavern - A Culinary Adventure Game The Culinary Competition awaits!

Download Teddy Tavern - A Culinary Adventure
Jan 5th (Diner Game)

Enchanted Gardens
Enchanted Gardens Game Charmingly puzzling gardens!

Download Enchanted Gardens
Jan 6th (Match-3 Game)

Turtle Odyssey 2
Turtle Odyssey 2 Game The odyssey continues with more hot turtle action!

Download Turtle Odyssey 2
Jan 7th (Platformer Game)

Zodiac Tower
Zodiac Tower Game Uncover ancient, puzzling secrets!

Download Zodiac Tower
Jan 8th (Puzzle Game)

Monkey Mania
Monkey Mania Game Find the differences between monkeys!

Download Monkey Mania
Jan 9th (Puzzle Game)

Rikki and Mikki to the Rescue
Rikki and Mikki to the Rescue Game Rikki and Mikki need your help!

Download Rikki and Mikki to the Rescue
Jan 10th (Puzzle Game)

Brain Booster
Brain Booster Game Brain Booster - the newest exercise for your mind!

Download Brain Booster
Jan 10th (Brain Teaser Game)

Tik's Texas Hold 'Em
Tik's Texas Hold 'Em Game Take a seat and let the Texas Hold 'Em Poker Game begin!

Download Tik's Texas Hold 'Em
Jan 11th (Card Game)

TangleBee Game Untangle the bees from the spider web!

Download TangleBee
Jan 11th (Puzzle Game)

Word Web Deluxe
Word Web Deluxe Game Sweep away these word-smart spiders!

Download Word Web Deluxe
Jan 12th (Word Game)

Penny Puzzle
Penny Puzzle Game Piece together worldly puzzles!

Download Penny Puzzle
Jan 13th (Jigsaw Game)

Ouba - The Great Journey
Ouba - The Great Journey Game Rescue the Ouba's, rebuild the village!

Download Ouba - The Great Journey
Jan 14th (Match-3 Game)

Paparazzi Game Take photos and get the gossip!

Download Paparazzi
Jan 15th (Hidden Object Game)

Zak and Jack
Zak and Jack Game A thrilling shooter with tons of fun for all ages!

Download Zak and Jack
Jan 16th (Shooter Game)

Bloxter Game The blocks are falling!

Download Bloxter
Jan 16th (Puzzle Game)

Zombie Smashers X2
Zombie Smashers X2 Game A ridiculous garage band street brawling adventure!

Download Zombie Smashers X2
Jan 17th (Shooter Game)

Aquatic of Sherwood
Aquatic of Sherwood Game Puzzle your way to the missing bride.

Download Aquatic of Sherwood
Jan 17th (Match-3 Game)

Star Charms
Star Charms Game Match colorful stars and charms!

Download Star Charms
Jan 18th (Puzzle Game)

Gem Ball
Gem Ball Game Let the myths of Ancient Egypt lead you through the dangers of Gem Ball!

Download Gem Ball
Jan 18th (Brick Buster Game)

Mysteryville Game Find clues to the secret of a small country town in this thrilling detective story!

Download Mysteryville
Jan 18th (Hidden Object Game)

Jig Swap Puzzle
Jig Swap Puzzle Game Rearrange the pieces!

Download Jig Swap Puzzle
Jan 19th (Jigsaw Game)

Shopping Marathon
Shopping Marathon Game Shopping puzzles await you!

Download Shopping Marathon
Jan 20th (Puzzle Game)

Stand O'Food
Stand O'Food Game Order up! Get cooking!

Download Stand O'Food
Jan 21st (Diner Game)

AquaPark Game Fill your AquaPark with colorful and exotic fish in this thrilling new challenge!

Download AquaPark
Jan 22nd (Critter Game)

Armado Game Help Armado save the Queen!

Download Armado
Jan 22nd (Action Game)

Mahjongg Championship
Mahjongg Championship Game Enjoy endless matching fun!

Download Mahjongg Championship
Jan 23rd (Mahjong Game)

Mexican Motor Mafia
Mexican Motor Mafia Game Drive around and blow stuff up! It's revenge...Tex-Mex style!

Download Mexican Motor Mafia
Jan 23rd (Shooter Game)

Chick Chick Chicky
Chick Chick Chicky Game Collect seeds and avoid the kitty!

Download Chick Chick Chicky
Jan 24th (Action Game)

Gold Fever
Gold Fever Game Flip coins to mine your way through the Great Gold Rush in Gold Fever!

Download Gold Fever
Jan 24th (Match-3 Game)

The Legend of El Dorado
The Legend of El Dorado Game Join an adventurous search for legendary gold in this original challenge!

Download The Legend of El Dorado
Jan 25th (Match-3 Game)

All-Time Sudoku
All-Time Sudoku Game Test your brain power.

Download All-Time Sudoku
Jan 25th (Brain Teaser Game)

Sir Arthur in the Dragonland
Sir Arthur in the Dragonland Game Realm of heroes.

Download Sir Arthur in the Dragonland
Jan 26th (Kids Game)

Pharaoh's Mystery
Pharaoh's Mystery Game An ancient puzzle mystery needs solving!

Download Pharaoh's Mystery
Jan 27th (Match-3 Game)

Turtix Game An epic turtle adventure for you!

Download Turtix
Jan 28th (Platformer Game)

Stone Jong
Stone Jong Game Solitaire heaven!

Download Stone Jong
Jan 29th (Mahjong Game)

Sudoku Maya Gold
Sudoku Maya Gold Game Embark on a Sudoku-filled quest for Mayan Gold!

Download Sudoku Maya Gold
Jan 30th (Brain Teaser Game)

Bugged Out
Bugged Out Game Bugs everywhere!

Download Bugged Out
Jan 30th (Match-3 Game)

Pizza Panic
Pizza Panic Game Ready for some jump & stomp fun? Then you're ready for Pizza Panic!

Download Pizza Panic
Jan 31st (Platformer Game)

Jet Jumper
Jet Jumper Game Do you like jumping?

Download Jet Jumper
Jan 31st (Action Game)

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