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Games Released in July '07

Two game types were very big in July: hidden object games and diner games. On the diner game side of things, we saw Miss Management, from the makers of Diner Dash, Wedding Dash, a new game from PlayFirst, and Delicious Deluxe 2, the sequel to the hit first game.

It was a big month for sequels. Dream Day Honeymoon continued the hit hidden object game series. We look forward to Dream Day Anniversary!

Other notable sequels included 7 Wonders 2 and MahJong Quest 2. See you next month!

This month puzzle games and action games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Action Games:

Games Released in July 2007:

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G2 - Geeks Unleashed
G2 - Geeks Unleashed Game The geekiest strategy puzzle game yet!

Download G2 - Geeks Unleashed
Jul 3rd (Puzzle Game)

Ancient Spider Solitaire
Ancient Spider Solitaire Game A gorgeous twist on Spider Solitaire.

Download Ancient Spider Solitaire
Jul 3rd (Solitare Game)

Miss Management
Miss Management Game Put your office management skills to the test!

Download Miss Management
Jul 3rd (Diner Game)

Delicious 2 Deluxe
Delicious 2 Deluxe Game Emily is back with new recipes!

Download Delicious 2 Deluxe
Jul 3rd (Diner Game)

Mayawaka Game Revist an old concept with new graphics!

Download Mayawaka
Jul 4th (Action Game)

Dream Day Honeymoon
Dream Day Honeymoon Game Time for a wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii!

Download Dream Day Honeymoon
Jul 4th (Hidden Object Game)

The Stone of Destiny
The Stone of Destiny Game Follow hidden clues to find your uncle.

Download The Stone of Destiny
Jul 5th (Hidden Object Game)

Hyperballoid Golden Pack
Hyperballoid Golden Pack Game 1,000 levels in total! Goodness!

Download Hyperballoid Golden Pack
Jul 6th (Brick Buster Game)

Scepter of Ra
Scepter of Ra Game Journey through ancient Egypt by matching!

Download Scepter of Ra
Jul 7th (Match-3 Game)

Breaking News
Breaking News Game Run a tight ship at your own TV studio!

Download Breaking News
Jul 7th (Word Game)

Liong: The Dragon Dance
Liong: The Dragon Dance Game A new twist on a Mahjong game!

Download Liong: The Dragon Dance
Jul 8th (Mahjong Game)

Ingenious Game Innovative puzzle board game by Reiner Knizia!

Download Ingenious
Jul 10th (Strategy Game)

Risk Game Rule the world, one battle at a time!

Download Risk
Jul 10th (Strategy Game)

Discord Times
Discord Times Game A fantastic adventure of magic and intrigue.

Download Discord Times
Jul 11th (Action Game)

Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot Game Help a service robot save a huge colony spaceship.

Download Mr. Robot
Jul 11th (Platformer Game)

Plumeboom: The First Chapter
Plumeboom: The First Chapter Game Save Orniland from evil villians!

Download Plumeboom: The First Chapter
Jul 13th (Match-3 Game)

Avernum IV
Avernum IV Game An epic fantasy role-playing adventure!

Download Avernum IV
Jul 13th (Action Game)

Solitaire Cruise
Solitaire Cruise Game A relaxing journey of Solitaire games!

Download Solitaire Cruise
Jul 14th (Solitare Game)

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2
Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2 Game Another 300 Collapse puzzles to play!

Download Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2
Jul 14th (Puzzle Game)

Fashion Story
Fashion Story Game Match pieces and help girls look beautiful!

Download Fashion Story
Jul 14th (Match-3 Game)

SpongeBob Diner Dash 2
SpongeBob Diner Dash 2 Game More SpongeBob Diner Dash action!

Download SpongeBob Diner Dash 2
Jul 14th (Diner Game)

MahJong Quest 2
MahJong Quest 2 Game The Mah Jong adventure with new challenges!

Download MahJong Quest 2
Jul 15th (Mahjong Game)

Bubble Shooter Premium Edition
Bubble Shooter Premium Edition Game Brand new version of a classic bubble game!

Download Bubble Shooter Premium Edition
Jul 15th (Action Game)

7 Wonders 2
7 Wonders 2 Game The sequel to the ancient match-3!

Download 7 Wonders 2
Jul 17th (Match-3 Game)

Turbo Pizza
Turbo Pizza Game Serve hungry customers delicious pizzas!

Download Turbo Pizza
Jul 18th (Diner Game)

Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor
Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor Game Find hidden objects in a hanuted manor!

Download Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor
Jul 19th (Hidden Object Game)

Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures
Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures Game Peter's world transforms from 2D into 3D!

Download Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures
Jul 20th (Action Game)

Posh Shop
Posh Shop Game It's Posh, it's fantastic.

Download Posh Shop
Jul 20th (Diner Game)

Believe in Sandy: Holiday Story
Believe in Sandy: Holiday Story Game Put elves to work making gifts.

Download Believe in Sandy: Holiday Story
Jul 21st (Diner Game)

Zenerchi Game Relax with this medatative matcher.

Download Zenerchi
Jul 21st (Match-3 Game)

Beauty Factory
Beauty Factory Game Design, test, and make beauty products!

Download Beauty Factory
Jul 23rd (Tycoon Game)

Moorhuhn Kart 2
Moorhuhn Kart 2 Game Amazing 3D racing game. With birds!

Download Moorhuhn Kart 2
Jul 25th (Action Game)

Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket
Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket Game Recover Grandma's winning lottery ticket!

Download Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket
Jul 25th (Hidden Object Game)

Emerald Tale
Emerald Tale Game Rescue the princess by solving puzzles.

Download Emerald Tale
Jul 26th (Brain Teaser Game)

Hap Hazard
Hap Hazard Game Otto Oblivion is on the attack! Save the Icarus!

Download Hap Hazard
Jul 27th (Platformer Game)

Flowery Vale
Flowery Vale Game Gorgeous flower matching in your garden.

Download Flowery Vale
Jul 27th (Match-3 Game)

Retro Records
Retro Records Game Collect records and rock out to music!

Download Retro Records
Jul 28th (Puzzle Game)

Mahjong World
Mahjong World Game Secret ancient tiles await you in this Mahjong game.

Download Mahjong World
Jul 29th (Mahjong Game)

Daycare Nightmare
Daycare Nightmare Game Take care of adorable little terrors.

Download Daycare Nightmare
Jul 30th (Diner Game)

Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls
Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls Game Play solitaire in front of gorgeous waterfalls.

Download Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls
Jul 30th (Solitare Game)

Capitalism II
Capitalism II Game Run your own business however you like.

Download Capitalism II
Jul 30th (Tycoon Game)

Mini Golf Mayhem
Mini Golf Mayhem Game Over 50 holes of crazy mini golf!

Download Mini Golf Mayhem
Jul 30th (Puzzle Game)

Wedding Dash
Wedding Dash Game You're the wedding planner on the big day!

Download Wedding Dash
Jul 30th (Diner Game)

Ricochet Infinity
Ricochet Infinity Game Finally, a new game in the Ricochet series!

Download Ricochet Infinity
Jul 31st (Brick Buster Game)

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