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Games Released in April '08

This month puzzle games and action games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Action Games:

Games Released in April 2008:

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In Living Colors!
In Living Colors! Game Use your magical paintbrush to bring the zoo to life.

Download In Living Colors!
Apr 1st (Match-3 Game)

Band of Bugs
Band of Bugs Game A great clash of opposing bug forces!

Download Band of Bugs
Apr 1st (Action Game)

King Kong
King Kong Game What is the mystery of King Kong?!

Download King Kong
Apr 1st (Inlay Game)

Speedy Solitaire
Speedy Solitaire Game Win races with your solitaire skills!

Download Speedy Solitaire
Apr 1st (Card Game)

Bliss Island
Bliss Island Game Play with the Zwoophs on Bliss Island!

Download Bliss Island
Apr 1st (Action Game)

Diamond Dash
Diamond Dash Game A perfect puzzle gem of a game

Download Diamond Dash
Apr 1st (Puzzle Game)

Jane's Hotel: Family Hero
Jane's Hotel: Family Hero Game It's Jane's time to show her hotel management aptitude!

Download Jane's Hotel: Family Hero
Apr 2nd (Diner Game)

Kindergarten Game Can you manage children?

Download Kindergarten
Apr 3rd (Diner Game)

Fashion Run
Fashion Run Game Operate your fashion shop empire around the world.

Download Fashion Run
Apr 3rd (Diner Game)

Cooking Academy
Cooking Academy Game Cook your way through culinary school.

Download Cooking Academy
Apr 4th (Action Game)

Youda Camper
Youda Camper Game Manage the campers and keep them coming back!

Download Youda Camper
Apr 5th (Tycoon Game)

Ice Princess
Ice Princess Game Puzzle your way through the ice temple.

Download Ice Princess
Apr 6th (Puzzle Game)

Snow Queen Mahjong
Snow Queen Mahjong Game A chilling game of skill and adventure!

Download Snow Queen Mahjong
Apr 7th (Mahjong Game)

Dream Chronicles 2
Dream Chronicles 2 Game The surreal sequel to the gorgeous puzzler.

Download Dream Chronicles 2
Apr 7th (Puzzle Game)

Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year
Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year Game Sequel to the addictive town builder!

Download Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year
Apr 9th (Tycoon Game)

Yahtzee Texas Hold 'Em
Yahtzee Texas Hold 'Em Game You couldn't beat this hybrid with a crowbar.

Download Yahtzee Texas Hold 'Em
Apr 9th (Card Game)

Crazy Moles
Crazy Moles Game Help nieghbors with their mole problem,

Download Crazy Moles
Apr 9th (Puzzle Game)

Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier
Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier Game Build your own Wild West outpost.

Download Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier
Apr 10th (Tycoon Game)

Dancing with the Stars
Dancing with the Stars Game Ballroom dancing at it's funnest!

Download Dancing with the Stars
Apr 10th (Puzzle Game)

Diamond Drop 2
Diamond Drop 2 Game Collect beautiful shimmering diamonds!

Download Diamond Drop 2
Apr 11th (Match-3 Game)

Remedy Game Become a detective in beautiful Sweden.

Download Remedy
Apr 12th (Mystery Game)

Magical Forest
Magical Forest Game Cultivate your own mythical creatures.

Download Magical Forest
Apr 13th (Critter Game)

Stoneloops! of Jurassica
Stoneloops! of Jurassica Game Jurassica can be yours!

Download Stoneloops! of Jurassica
Apr 14th (Marble Popper Game)

Airport Mania: First Flight
Airport Mania: First Flight Game A highly accurate air traffic control simulator!

Download Airport Mania: First Flight
Apr 14th (Diner Game)

Runes of Avalon 2
Runes of Avalon 2 Game The Runes are yours to use and evil is your nemesis.

Download Runes of Avalon 2
Apr 15th (Puzzle Game)

Zombie Shooter
Zombie Shooter Game Humanity needs you! Kill those zombies.

Download Zombie Shooter
Apr 16th (Shooter Game)

Cooking Quest
Cooking Quest Game Join the quest. Of cooking!

Download Cooking Quest
Apr 17th (Hidden Object Game)

Family Feud III: Dream Home
Family Feud III: Dream Home Game Build your dream home Family Feud style.

Download Family Feud III: Dream Home
Apr 18th (Brain Teaser Game)

Hidden Mysteries - Civil War
Hidden Mysteries - Civil War Game Explore hidden object battlefields.

Download Hidden Mysteries - Civil War
Apr 19th (Hidden Object Game)

Dairy Dash
Dairy Dash Game From the makers of Diner Dash.

Download Dairy Dash
Apr 19th (Diner Game)

Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel
Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel Game Solve the mystery!

Download Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel
Apr 20th (Mystery Game)

JEOPARDY! 2 Game Phrase it in the form of a question.

Download JEOPARDY! 2
Apr 21st (Brain Teaser Game)

Flower Stand Tycoon
Flower Stand Tycoon Game Even city folk like flowers.

Download Flower Stand Tycoon
Apr 22nd (Diner Game)

Zen Fashion
Zen Fashion Game Match flowers, design clothing!

Download Zen Fashion
Apr 23rd (Match-3 Game)

Cowball Game Western themed puzzles.

Download Cowball
Apr 23rd (Brick Buster Game)

Treasures of the Ancient Cavern
Treasures of the Ancient Cavern Game Discover the Incan greatness for yourself.

Download Treasures of the Ancient Cavern
Apr 24th (Match-3 Game)

Wheel of Fortune 2
Wheel of Fortune 2 Game Spin the wheel, solve the puzzle.

Download Wheel of Fortune 2
Apr 25th (Word Game)

The Hidden Object Show
The Hidden Object Show Game Hidden object skills = fabulous prizes!

Download The Hidden Object Show
Apr 26th (Hidden Object Game)

TiQal Game Bust the magical block wall to protect the Maya!

Download TiQal
Apr 27th (Brick Buster Game)

Pets Fun House
Pets Fun House Game Hilarious arfy dogs love being loved!

Download Pets Fun House
Apr 28th (Tycoon Game)

The Lost Treasures of Alexandria
The Lost Treasures of Alexandria Game Solve the ancient mysteries!

Download The Lost Treasures of Alexandria
Apr 28th (Match-3 Game)

Jewel Island
Jewel Island Game Unlock the secret of Jewel Island!

Download Jewel Island
Apr 28th (Match-3 Game)

Mythic Mahjong
Mythic Mahjong Game Can you save the Fairie realms?

Download Mythic Mahjong
Apr 29th (Mahjong Game)

Ultratron Game Decimate the four great robots of the apocalypse!

Download Ultratron
Apr 29th (Shooter Game)

Beetle Bug 3
Beetle Bug 3 Game Help the bug babies get to a safe place.

Download Beetle Bug 3
Apr 30th (Action Game)

Miss Popularity
Miss Popularity Game Be popular and have fun!

Download Miss Popularity
Apr 30th (Puzzle Game)

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