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Games Released in February '08

This month puzzle games and action games were very popular:

Popular Puzzle Games:

Popular Action Games:

Games Released in February 2008:

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Go-Go Gourmet
Go-Go Gourmet Game Make tasty foods by finding ingredients!

Download Go-Go Gourmet
Feb 1st (Hidden Object Game)

Doggie Dash
Doggie Dash Game Pamper adorable doggies!

Download Doggie Dash
Feb 1st (Diner Game)

Ghost in the Sheet
Ghost in the Sheet Game A comedy of ghastly ghouls!

Download Ghost in the Sheet
Feb 2nd (Puzzle Game)

Totem Quest
Totem Quest Game Prepare for a stunning archaeological adventure!

Download Totem Quest
Feb 4th (Match-3 Game)

Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters: TV Guide Edition
Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters: TV Guide Edition Game Test your crossword mettle against the best!

Download Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters: TV Guide Edition
Feb 5th (Word Game)

The Sims Carnival BumperBlast
The Sims Carnival BumperBlast Game From the creators of The Sims!

Download The Sims Carnival BumperBlast
Feb 6th (Brick Buster Game)

Around the World in 80 Days
Around the World in 80 Days Game Travel around the world!

Download Around the World in 80 Days
Feb 7th (Match-3 Game)

Great Secrets: Da Vinci
Great Secrets: Da Vinci Game What secrets were in his diary?

Download Great Secrets: Da Vinci
Feb 9th (Hidden Object Game)

Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia
Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia Game Discover Australia, one hidden object at a time!

Download Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia
Feb 10th (Hidden Object Game)

Bottle Buster
Bottle Buster Game Cool carnival physics game.

Download Bottle Buster
Feb 10th (Puzzle Game)

Avatar Bobble Battles
Avatar Bobble Battles Game Adorable bobble-head battle!

Download Avatar Bobble Battles
Feb 11th (Action Game)

The Nightshift Code
The Nightshift Code Game Can you crack the code?

Download The Nightshift Code
Feb 11th (Hidden Object Game)

Sheep's Quest
Sheep's Quest Game Play sheep dog and herd these beasts!

Download Sheep's Quest
Feb 13th (Puzzle Game)

Spirit of Wandering - The Legend
Spirit of Wandering - The Legend Game Sail the seven seas; and find objects!

Download Spirit of Wandering - The Legend
Feb 13th (Hidden Object Game)

Monster Mash
Monster Mash Game Build your defense and hope it works!

Download Monster Mash
Feb 14th (Action Game)

Magic Seeds
Magic Seeds Game A magical gardening experience!

Download Magic Seeds
Feb 15th (Critter Game)

Gazillionaire III
Gazillionaire III Game Grow and sell space stuff!

Download Gazillionaire III
Feb 15th (Tycoon Game)

Ice Cream Craze
Ice Cream Craze Game I scream, you scream...

Download Ice Cream Craze
Feb 17th (Diner Game)

Twinkle Toes Skating
Twinkle Toes Skating Game Guide Yuki toward ice skating stardom!

Download Twinkle Toes Skating
Feb 17th (Puzzle Game)

Brainiversity Game Keep your brain young and fresh!

Download Brainiversity
Feb 18th (Brain Teaser Game)

Hyperballoid 2
Hyperballoid 2 Game The sequel to the first great game!

Download Hyperballoid 2
Feb 19th (Brick Buster Game)

Letter Lab
Letter Lab Game Help Lilly perfect her word invention!

Download Letter Lab
Feb 19th (Word Game)

Jack's Bouncy Qubes
Jack's Bouncy Qubes Game Cute little Jack needs to destroy!

Download Jack's Bouncy Qubes
Feb 19th (Action Game)

Merv Griffin's Crosswords
Merv Griffin's Crosswords Game Unlimited crosswords action!

Download Merv Griffin's Crosswords
Feb 20th (Word Game)

Cryptex of Time
Cryptex of Time Game Match-3 taken to the next level!

Download Cryptex of Time
Feb 21st (Match-3 Game)

Cate West: The Vanishing Files
Cate West: The Vanishing Files Game A series of crimes goes unsolved. Can you help?

Download Cate West: The Vanishing Files
Feb 21st (Hidden Object Game)

Lucky's Rainbow
Lucky's Rainbow Game Help Lucky and his rainbow!

Download Lucky's Rainbow
Feb 22nd (Match-3 Game)

Coffee Rush
Coffee Rush Game Serve customers by matching pieces!

Download Coffee Rush
Feb 22nd (Diner Game)

East Side Story
East Side Story Game The fourth in the Carol Reed series!

Download East Side Story
Feb 24th (Brain Teaser Game)

The Age of Atlantis
The Age of Atlantis Game Help find Atlantis!

Download The Age of Atlantis
Feb 24th (Match-3 Game)

Charm Tale 2: Mermaid Lagoon
Charm Tale 2: Mermaid Lagoon Game A magical underwater journey!

Download Charm Tale 2: Mermaid Lagoon
Feb 25th (Hidden Object Game)

Action Ball 2
Action Ball 2 Game The sequel is here!

Download Action Ball 2
Feb 26th (Brick Buster Game)

Blast Miner
Blast Miner Game Get ready for an explosive experience!

Download Blast Miner
Feb 26th (Brick Buster Game)

Destiny Architect
Destiny Architect Game Design magical buildings to solve puzzles!

Download Destiny Architect
Feb 27th (Puzzle Game)

The Honeymooners Bowling
The Honeymooners Bowling Game Honeymooners themed bowling!

Download The Honeymooners Bowling
Feb 28th (Action Game)

Curling Game You were born to Curl, now prove it to the world!

Download Curling
Feb 28th (Action Game)

Miss Teri Tale
Miss Teri Tale Game Find the missing dog.

Download Miss Teri Tale
Feb 29th (Hidden Object Game)

Fashion Boutique
Fashion Boutique Game Help Maya run her own shop!

Download Fashion Boutique
Feb 29th (Diner Game)

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