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Sally's Salon

 - Fabulous hair made easy.

Sally's Salon Game

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Sally's SalonSally is an up-and-coming hair stylist from a small town in middle America. Help her career blossom from her shopping mall salon all the way to glamorous and exclusive A-list Hollywood clients. Sally gets all kinds of customers in her Salon: Kids with spikey hair, pop stars, and normal everyday people looking for a little style. Hire new employees and upgrades to help Sally's Salon out, but always keep an eye on fashion! Style is first and foremost!

Sally's Salon Features:

  • Over 50 game levels.
  • Ten different salons to see.
  • Upgrade your salon with new items!

System Requirements:

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista
Pentium 500 MHz processor
128 MB RAM
DirectX 7 or later


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Customer Reviews:


Game Review: 08-10-2007

This game reminds me a lot of Belle's Beauty Boutique, and that isn't a bad thing! I like the concept of customer service games, but I hate the fact that they're all centered around food. Sally's Salon does a great job of playing like a good diner game but without the diner. I give Sally's Salon five stars!


Game Review: 08-10-2007

Another well-made diner game. I like all of the upgrades available in Sally's Salon. The actual levels in these kinds of games start to bore me unless I can hire new employees or change stores, and Sally's Salon does a good job of that. I'm glad I'm not a stylist in real life--I think it would be mortifying to accidentally give someone a bad haircut!

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Sally's Salon